This tour will take you to Athens ancient and contemporary destinations where you will enjoy western’s world’s heritage treasure and UNESCO-awarded memorials.  


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Your English speaking driver will pick you from your hotel.

Drive through the fertile plain of Boeotia, the town of THEBES (birthplace of god Dionysus and Oedipus –do you remember the enigma of the sphinx?)

After approximately 2 hours drive, have a short coffee break and continue to DELPHI on the slopes of mountain PARNASSUS (the most popular ski resort near Athens)

DELPHI is an UNESCO-listed site.  The sanctuary of Apollo also served as an oracle, where cities, rulers and individuals from all over the world, would go to receive god’s prophecy. The oracle of Apollo considered the center of the world, marked by the stone monument known as “omphalos” (navel).


Discover inside the Archaeological site:

  • The Treasury of Athenians, erected after their victory at Marathon in 490B.C. to host the best part of their war booty
  • The Temple of Apollo: The prophecies were delivered here by Apollo through the words of Pythia-the high priestess who had her seat in the temple.
  • The Theater with a capacity of 5000 spectators
  • The Stadium of a capacity of 7000 persons

Delphi Museum is one of the must-see museums in Greece (2000sq.m.).

Wander around and explore extraordinary pieces of art dating from 15th century B.C. to 4th century A.D.

Do not miss!

  • The chryselephantine statues of Apollo and Artemis
  • The statue of Antinoos
  • One of the masterpieces of Ancient Greek bronze sculpture. “The charioteer”.

Lunch in a local tavern (optional).

On the way back to Athens, enjoy a brief stopover at the picturesque town of ARACHOVA, renowned for its colorful rugs and carpets.

Proceed to the Byzantine Monastery of HOSIOS LOUKAS (11th century A.D.)

The monastery was founded by the hermit Loucas during the 10th century in a valley of olive and almond orchards, near the town of DISTOMOIt is the largest and well preserved monastery complex of the Middle Byzantine period, listed on UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites.  The monastery is enclosed by a wall and comprises blocks of cells, a bell tower, a refectory, two adjoining churches and a crypt.


  • The octagonal cross-in-square type church (11th century) decorated with marble slabs and superb mosaics.
  • A smaller church (10th century) decorated with rich brick ornaments dedicated to Virgin Mary.
  • The crypt, full of wall paintings (11th century) with the tomb of Hosios Loukas

Return to Athens in the afternoon

Good to know:  Please have in mind that it requires quite some walking in DELPHI


  • English speaking driver
  • Private pick up and drop off from your hotel in Athens
  • Private Air Conditioned vehicle
  • Taxes

Not included

  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites and museums
  • Official tourist guide
  • Meals and beverages
  • Tips and gratuities

Mercedes vito-viano up to 6 people  450,00

Luxury  up to 3 people 500,00

Taxi up to 3 people 350,00

Bus up to 15 people 700,00


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